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Future-proof your systems with the Atlas 12th Gen Series, a flexible compact module and Prodrive Technologies’ end-to-end solutions

Future-proof your systems with the Atlas 12th Gen Series, a flexible compact module and Prodrive Technologies’ end-to-end solutions

Computing power requirements continue to grow. At the same time, industrial applications often require smaller form factors. The latest Atlas 12th Gen Series COM express modules from Prodrive Technologies are helping to meet this need, allowing businesses to benefit from greater customization and integration options. 

At Embedded World in June 2022, Nuremberg, Germany, Prodrive Technologies will showcase its new Atlas 12th Gen Series COM Express Compact Module, a small and customizable ‘Computer On Module’.  

Technology has progressed and the latest generation of Atlas 12th Gen Series COM express modules gives businesses full functionality in a footprint of less than 10cm x 10cm. It also provides the opportunity to move away from having a single PCB, towards a more flexible approach with a compact COM express module combined with a carrier board. 


A demand for more processing power, in less space 

The issue of space constraints in vehicles or machinery is nothing new. However, in the past, smaller products, such as compact PCBs and computing modules, pose limitations. There are limited power supply options, and little space to add additional functionality.  

Many businesses now require compact size, alongside modularity and flexibility. Having one small PCB that integrates everything is therefore not always a suitable solution. 

In the fast-changing world of technology, modularity is key for adapting to changing requirements and demands. AI and sensor inputs demand increasingly more computational power, and the pace of this increase is accelerating. Therefore, in the future, upgrading processing functionality will need to be a faster, simpler process.  

A modular setup is a more optimal choice in this scenario. It gives the option to only update the parts of the system that you need to. Overall, it simplifies the ability to upgrade and maintain systems. 


A compact COM Express Processor solution 

The Atlas 12th Gen Series COM Express Compact Module from Prodrive Technologies features a standardized compact form-factor computing module, measuring just 95mm x 95mm and featuring a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 (ADL-P) processor. It includes DDR5 memory and PCIe gen5, which both offer a higher bandwidth compared to previous generation products. 

Combined with a carrier board it provides the custom functionality needed in a wide range of different applications. Importantly, when a processor upgrade is needed, this module can be changed without affecting the carrier board. This provides a simpler solution compared to replacing the whole PCB.  


Flexible and modular integration 

Another key benefit is the potential for customization and integration. The carrier board can be a custom board, enabling the user to place any input, output, or connections to meet their requirements. This can then be seamlessly integrated within a wider system, making it suitable for use in many different markets. 

For example, for an ultrasound application in the healthcare sector, a carrier board can be designed to contain specific, additional IOs, and then combined with the Atlas 12th Gen Series COM Express Compact Module. Then, when the next-generation processor is available, the module can be updated, without the need to replace the carrier board. 

In the materials handling sector, the amount of computing power needed for forklift trucks is increasing, but there is very little space for components within these types of equipment. A typical motherboard will also not offer the right interfaces. With Prodrive Technologies, the non-standard interfaces required between the carrier board and the Atlas 12th Gen Series module can be implemented in a compact solution. 

Another area where a compact COM Express module can deliver benefits is in motion applications. In these high-end markets, more computing power is required as applications are becoming more complex. In addition, these systems are highly specific. A customized carrier board with an added computing module can better cater to particular requirements. 


An added-value whole-system solution 

As well as providing the new Atlas 12th Gen Series COM Express Compact Module, Prodrive Technologies can design and produce your COM Express carrier board too. This ensures that it works with your processor optimally and integrates with your systems. 

With expertise across embedded computing systems, electronics, mechanics, and more, and a range of customers across different industries, Prodrive Technologies can also provide an added-value, whole-system solution. The experts can partner with your businesses to help develop and integrate the system, with various hardware and software requirements. Prodrive Technologies will focus on solving your challenges and take responsibility for the lifecycle management of your whole system, leaving you free to focus on developing your application 

Speak to Prodrive Technologies in Hall 1, Booth 1-357 at Embedded World to see and learn more about the Atlas 12th Gen Series COM Express Compact Modules. Or contact us for more information on your computing module requirements.