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Prodrive Motion Platform (PMP)

The PMP is one platform for centralized, distributed and hybrid control.

Our motion control platform is a real-time software product that is based on our extensive experience in motion control across numerous industries and customers. Many players in the motion industry have recognized this and used the platform to take their motion solutions to the next level. The platform distinguishes itself from other motion software systems by offering ultimate real-time performance and tooling as well as a very clear user interface. The Matlab/Simulink interfaces allow you to combine simulation code within an existing motion system, providing endless opportunities for control loop optimization and tuning. Due to its flexible interfaces and its hardware independence, the platform can be used in virtually any type of application.

Read more about Prodrive Motion Platform in this news article, which was also featured on Bits&Chips.

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Prodrive Technologies Motion Mechatronics Pmp 2 Screen
MATLAB/ Simulink integration
Scalability from 1 to over 300 axes
Customer application interface available in C++ and C#
Debug & Integration Tool Suite