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Prodrive Technologies to build products based on the new NVIDIA IGX edge AI platform

Prodrive Technologies to build products based on the new NVIDIA IGX edge AI platform

Prodrive Technologies, a leading embedded computing manufacturer, will base its new line of medical edge devices on the new NVIDIA IGX platform. As part of its collaboration with NVIDIA, Prodrive Technologies is one of the first companies to introduce products based on this platform.

NVIDIA IGX is a hardware and software platform that delivers secure, low-latency AI inference to meet the clinical demand for instant insights from a range of devices and sensors for medical applications, including robotic-assisted surgery and patient monitoring.

The IGX platform supports NVIDIA Clara Holoscan, a domain-specific platform that allows medical-device developers to bridge edge, on-premises data center, and cloud services — enabling the rapid development of new, software-defined devices that bring the latest AI applications directly into the operating room.

The new edge platform is inspired by the need for medical device companies, such as ultrasound and endoscopy manufacturers, to process AI algorithms on their data in real-time.

“We see our customers struggling with deploying AI applications at scale in clinical practice. Our new medical edge device product line aims to offer the compute processing power required for AI applications while keeping and extending the I/O and video processing capabilities that we already offer. It serves to extend the possibilities with future-proof AI-processing,” says Marco Rietveld, Global Sales and Business Development Manager, Medical Computing at Prodrive Technologies.

The first product of the IGX platform is NVIDIA IGX Orin, the world’s most powerful, compact, and energy-efficient AI supercomputer for medical devices. IGX Orin developer kits will be available early next year. Prodrive Technologies is looking forward to deploying the new system with its customers.

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