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Prodrive Technologies opens an R&D hub in Delft, the Netherlands

Prodrive Technologies opens an R&D hub in Delft, the Netherlands

DELFT, March 27, 2023 – Prodrive Technologies proudly announces its expansion to Delft with the opening of a local R&D hub.  The 484 square meter office is located near the TU Delft Campus and has commenced operations since February 2023.    

The expansion to Delft is considered a strategic move for Prodrive Technologies for multiple reasons.  First, a growing number of Prodrivers live in the Randstad and commute to Son (Eindhoven region) regularly. By establishing a local R&D hub, employee travel times can be shortened – improving the work-life balance. Romano Meijer, Designer at Prodrive Technologies and initiator of the R&D hub: “However, we remain closely connected to our headquarters in Son to resonate our unique company culture and benefit from the advanced laboratory space and manufacturing facilities.”

Furthermore, the Randstad is filled with new talent that can strengthen the Prodrive Technologies’ team even more to achieve its growth ambitions. With the proximity of the TU Delft Campus and other institutions of higher education, valuable collaborations can be reinforced to attract new talent to the company. For traveling convenience, the new office location was selected such that it is easily accessible via the A4 and A13 highways and multiple lines of public transport. On top of that, the office is situated between the airports of Rotterdam and Schiphol, which improves the connectivity of the global company.

Simultaneously, Prodrive Technologies wants to contribute to the Delft region with its expertise in developing smart solutions in the fields of electronics, mechanics, and software for different applications and markets. Meijer: “I’m very proud of the effort made by everyone involved and look forward to seeing this step unlock many exciting opportunities.”   

The hub focuses on research and development and consists of approximately 36 desk spots on the first floor of Delftechpark 17-19. Also included is the opportunity to establish a basic lab space in the future. In May 2023 Prodrive Technologies will open the doors of the R&D hub in Delft to the public during the Inhouse Days of the Delftse Bedrijvendagen.


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