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Wooptix and Prodrive Technologies sign declaration of intent for strategic partnership

Wooptix and Prodrive Technologies sign declaration of intent for strategic partnership

SCIENCE PARK EINDHOVEN (May 16, 2024) Prodrive Technologies and Wooptix have signed a memorandum of understanding to further strengthen their long-term strategic partnership. The partnership is aimed at supporting Wooptix’s development in semiconductor metrology through WaveFront Phase Imaging (WFPI), a technique that comes from research in adaptive optics enhancing astronomy. Prodrive Technologies will develop and industrialize the semiconductor tools together with Wooptix, focusing on throughput, automation, and optimization.

“After the successful introduction of our labtool, a wafer shape lab tool for blank and patterned wafers, the next priority is the upcoming fully automated fab tool, meeting the demand of our customers, with higher throughput and automation. To achieve this, the role of a solid strategic partner is more critical than ever before. We have been working closely with Prodrive Technologies for some time. I am pleased to see that Prodrive Technologies, as an established and renowned supplier to the semiconductor equipment industry, has the commitment and ambition to be the strategic partner of Wooptix.”, said Wooptix COO, Javier Elizalde.

“As a developing & manufacturing company, Prodrive Technologies strongly believes in in-depth collaboration from the very beginning in the product development phase up to volume production to achieve the best overall results.”, stated Prodrive Technologies CTO, Pieter Janssen.  “This is exciting for everyone at Prodrive who is involved in the project for creating new technology and state-of-the-art products together with Wooptix. Our experience and industrial setup will support Wooptix in its Go-to-Market challenge. We like to be the industrial partner that customers can rely on.”

This partnership means that Prodrive Technologies will help Wooptix grow, not only in terms of people and production capacity, but also in the further development of innovative products. We are determined to continue our relationship with each other and take it to the strategic level to enable timely and reliable production ramp-up of the semiconductor tools.



About Prodrive Technologies

For more than three decades Prodrive Technologies has been a research, development, and production partner for the global semiconductor and electronics equipment industry. Founded in 1993, the Netherlands-based company designs and manufactures electronics, software, and mechatronic solutions using the latest process techniques, many of which it has developed. In close cooperation with customers, it owns flexible and fully automated manufacturing plants/factories in the Netherlands, U.S., and China where it effectively optimizes product designs for each customer.

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About Wooptix

Wooptix is a leader in semiconductor metrology using wave front phase imaging, a technique derived from adaptive optics research in astronomy. With a multidisciplinary team, Wooptix aims to revolutionize the semiconductor metrology industry with the highest lateral resolution and fastest measurement technique for online factory measurements.

The company has developed Phemet®, a silicon wafer measurement tool, which is the precursor to the next fully automated manufacturing tool expected in 2024. Wooptix has already implemented Phemet® at various customer sites worldwide.

Wooptix is headquartered in Tenerife, Madrid (Spain), and San Francisco (USA).

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