NG Tool Suite

supports all gradient, RF & shimming amplifiers

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Decrease installation & integration time

Remote control via Ethernet & Serial

Extensive diagnostics & monitoring

Standard included with every NG-series product

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NG Tool Suite is the software solution for all the NG Series - gradient, RF & shimming amplifiers. The software is standard included with NG Series products. Prodrive Technologies developed the software in-house and is constantly updated with new firmware, that is possible to update remote and in the field.  The NG Tool Suite software decreases installation & integration time. Remote control is possible via Ethernet & Serial. Human Machine Interface (HMI) functionality is standard included within the NG Tool Suite software. Standard functionality exists of  extensive diagnostics like autotuning & visualization tool, configuration tool, profile generator tool and, scope tool. 

Human Machine Interface

System overview at a glance
(Remote) real-time monitoring function
Diagnostics Air, liquid, component temperatures, humidity
  Input/output voltages & currents
  Graphical representation on multi level in-depth diagnostics (up to register level)
  Error logging


Remote Control via Ethernet & Serial 

State machine control
Software enable & independent axis enable 

(Auto)tuning & visualization tool 

Control loop simulation 
Bode plot & results 
Live updateable tuning parameters
Automatic tuning functionality 

Configuration tool

Save & load system presets  Storing tuning results within 2 clicks 
  Export to file/import from file 
  Read/edit actual system settings

Profile generator tool 

Custom profiles
Loop control
Import/export profiles 
Profile previewer 
View control 

Scope tool 

Oscilloscope functionality 
4 channels 
Advanced functions  Import/export settings
  Oscilloscope control
  Zoom fit
  Full screen
  Adjustable scaling / offset
  Adjustable resolution
  Trigger mode

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