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Controls & Connectivity

Using pre-defined building blocks, we provide tailored systems for controllers, panel PCs, HMIs, I/O modules, and telematics. Our solutions have proven to be cost-effective alternatives to off-the-shelf alternatives such as standard PLCs, controllers and gateways.

The re-use of building blocks makes it possible to make reliable solutions with high maturity, while still achieving a short time-to-market.

We have been active in this field for more than 25 years. Example applications are industrial compressors, marine engine control, milking robots, HVAC control, forklift connectivity, and many more.

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Tailored Tailored

Perfect fit for your application

Reliable & Mature Reliable & Mature

Re-use of well-tested and maintained building blocks

High Quality High Quality

Advanced and highly automated manufacturing

Cost Optimized Cost Optimized

Use only those building blocks relevant for your application