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Cost-attractive & scalable low voltage DC/DC converter

The MP series offers low voltage DC-DC Solutions that are scalable and very efficient solution to supply all power-intensive auxiliary applications.

Bi-directional air cooled low voltage DC/DC converter (LV/LV) that delivers the required power between 1 up to 3 kW to your 12V, 24V, 48V or even 56V electrical systems. Based on your requirements, we offer customized solutions to fit your packaging with a cost-effective price.


  • Robust design suitable for commercial vehicles, off-highway solutions and marine
  • Cost-attractive
  • IP6k9k
  • Compliant to EMC legal requirements
  • Developed for vehicle OEM´s and system integrators


Prodrive Technologies perfectly fits the profile of a long-term partner to help you in your efforts to successfully overcome the challenges of the transformation for carbon-neutral smart mobility.

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Scalable 1kW to 3kW
3kW+ upon request
Input Voltage Range 48V – 60V
Output voltage Range 12V – 30V