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1 MHz TDI Linescan

1 MHz line-rate with 256x TDI with up to 16k pixels width for demanding applications

Prodrive Technology’s TDI cameras offer the highest throughput available in the market. With its 1 MHz line-rate and 256 TDI stages, it enables applications to faster acquire images even when light conditions are limited.

Currently, we’re working with key applications to define the next generation TDI Camera and shape its specifications. We’re looking for users in the Semiconductor, Life-science, Display inspection and Fabric inspection markets or any other demanding application.

For over two decades Prodrive Technologies has been a research, development, and production partner of best-in-class cameras. Our portfolio already contains a 400 kHz TDI line-scan camera with world class performance. Combining this experience with our robust quality management system, we understand what it takes to implement copy exact and change control, supporting our solutions from concept to end-of-life and beyond.

Status: in development

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Line Scan Cameras
Unprecedented Image Quality
1.000.000 lines/sec TDI
System integration options on interfaces
High resolution


Imaging Performance

Line-rate 1 MHz
Line-width  4k / 8k / 16k
Pixel pitch 5 x 5 µm
TDI Stages 256
Bpp 12 bits
Dynamic Range 70dB
QE @ Vis 90%
QE @ UV (266nm) 65-85%
Coatings AR 
Illumination type BSI
Full Well Capacity 30ke-

Key Features

Bi-directional TDI (Time Delay Integration)
Programmable Look-up table
AR Coating (and QE) can be tuned to application wavelength

Environmental conditions

Operating Temperature 0 – 60°C
Humidity 20 – 80 % (non-condensing)
Availability 10 yrs+ on request
Lifetime 10 yrs+

System Integration

Power supply 12-24VDC; < 35 Watt
Communication Interface Quad CXP-12
  CameraLink High Speed (Quad/Octal)
Weight < 2 kg

Possible applications