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Automated PCBA manufacturing

At Prodrive we have the most advance equipment for electronics manufacturing available in our factories around the globe. For more than 20 years we developed, automated and optimized all electronics manufacturing processes resulting in superior quality and productivity for the production lines and products.

In the SMD section we are able to place up to 100.000 components per hour at each of our 10 production lines. Components can vary from 01005 sizes, ultra fine pitch BGA (0,35mm) up to 288 pins connectors. Soldering is done via a zone controlled reflow oven and vacuum and nitrogen soldering are available to achieve the highest quality possible. Inline solder paste inspection, component placement inspection, x-ray solder connection inspection and electrical tests are integrated as standard quality control steps in the production lines.

For the assembly of through hole components we developed our own bin picking solution which enables automated placement of almost all components. After automated placement we solder the components using selective wave soldering and ensure the best solder connection while applying the least thermal stress on the products. All placements and solder connection are checked via solder joint inspection and electrical test using AET or flying probe.

Additional processes related to PCBA manufacturing such as coating, press fit component placement, underfill and bond pad inspection are also available and fully integrated within the facilities of Prodrive.

All process steps and data of these process steps are collected via our MES system. This data is used for continuous improvement of our processes, SPC data analyses and root cause analyses if necessary.

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