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Gryphon series

Vacuum Motors for highly efficient motion without contamination in a vacuum environment.

Our vacuum compatible motors are designed to achieve low working pressures and low outgassing values to minimize the impact on sensitive processes. Each material used in our vacuum motors is individually analyzed for low outgassing, with our in-house RGA system. This allows us to offer a standard and a high-vacuum line of vacuum motors. The standard vacuum motors achieve a working pressure down to 1e-5 Pa by applying a standard cost-efficient potted coil unit. The high-performance motors are suitable for high-vacuum, by applying materials with lower outgassing rates. By means of applying rectangular copper wires the packing factor of all vacuum motors is increased, which improves the efficiency and leads to a lower heat load on the vacuum system.

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Cost effective
Detailed RGA analysis
Clean manufacturing


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Vacuum compatibility 1e-7 torr

Actuators complying with 1e-7 torr use special coatings, connectors and adjusted mechanical geometry. Design is verified by inhouse RGA.

Vacuum Compatibility.png

Vacuum compatibility 1e-8 torr

Actuators for 1e-8 torr have additional metal housing around the coil unit to eliminate any outgassing of epoxy materials. Design is verified by inhouse RGA.

Magnetic Shielding.png

Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic shielding can be added optionally depending on customer requirements. The shielding will be designed to minimize performance impact.

Intregrated Connector.png

Integrated connector

An integrated connector allows for easy installation and servicing without the need to remove the cabling.

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